Well as I have a lot responsability as fathers of three lovely childs, time for Art creation is close of absoltut zero. Anyway I have few stuff by there and a lto of pictures of amazing COLOMBIAN LANDSCAPE. Amazing place that I am sure u will appreciate, I hope.

This imagen was taken in 2010 during an holiday trip, to TAYRONA NATIONAL PARK in the carribeab coast of Colombia. It s an milenar sent made with huge granit rock by the people of Tayrona Nation, Caribe civilisation. This sent conducing from a settlement in terrasse to the sea shore. It was made during the first decade after the arrival of the Conquistador from Spain around 1530. Very lovely and quiet place include in high season, in fact most people prefere stay in the beach drinking beer than walk this way. If u have chance to came in low season, sure to be alone with the guardina (Cogui people in this place). And maybe have chance to observe wild life, as venemous snake, spider, Monkeys and if very unlucky the moutain tiger, King Puma, be carefull yes it s true, they are few specimens in this area can baddly hurt or simply kill and eat.

If u like strong sensation trip, u can arrive to Tayrona by sea, it s more impressive, cause u will the majestuosity and luxuriance of this wild place from a fisherman boat. From santa marta, go to TAGANGA, and ask fishermen to go by boat to Tayrona, around  2 > 3 hours depend of the sea roughness (beware can be really rough this case go by road), if sea is calm and flat it will be an very nice oversea sightseeing trip to the Tayrona Park, enjoy.

I plan using this imagen for make an digitaly insertion and modifying it, hope I will be  able to show the progress of this project, as soon as possible.

Best regards.



1976 with my sisters Armelle (left) Gladys (right)

1976 with my sisters Armelle (left) Gladys (right)

Three years old and well surrounded by my two sisters, Armelle right and Gladys Left with love..

Not so much new stuff, in this moment, hard time, but as says this french expression ” Apres la pluie le beau temp”


Hi this post is for redirecting you to the this amazing blog >>> BOREALLY

It is talking and over all showing a very great photographique work. The general purpose is the exploration of  “non site”. What does mean “non site”, I use this term by direct reference to the Artwork ROBERT SMITHSON, as he describring the nature of the sites, he used to interact with. It’s this kind of place that are abondonned, desaffected, trace of an “old” human activity and suddenly let in a certain state. It can be : a factory, a mine, a bunker, a structure left after that explotation time was over. Also can be a functional place that use to be not visible to the public. PLaces that have an structural utility but are generaly hidden or barely unaccessible. Well it could a natural place but in a deserted place, fare away from civilisation hi moutain, desert, caves, submarine world… Mmm a great type of this special kind of place could be,  the summit area of the TIBESTI or HOGGAR mountain chain in the SAHARA desert.

Well,  If  I am risking me to an analogy >>  in a way those type of places are a projection or a representation of the unconsciouness of the human brain. I risking me again to tell that a non site is an archetypal space in a Jungian way of thinking.

What is the Tipology or phenomenology of the “non site” ? It’s  a huge theme so I will writing shortly about my favorite one, the Industrial Abandonned site. It’s a place that use to be something of interest for some human organisation or activities and for x ans y resaons was left without care. Places that are slowly returning to a wild state, an “original” state. For the biggest one and most spectacular; It give you a strange feeling, something sound like : “post nuclear conflict”  Something you can feel in movies like : Planet of the apes, or 12 monkies. Well it’s an signifiant exploration in the human substract that industrial societies leaves behind them…

>> an Endless Search…This blog is a perfect example of a NON SITE TROPISM…WHy does he do it ? Adventure, risk, adrenaline, aesthetic and … ?

Golden egg part II


This piece is also in process; As cucaron i had a small problem, with the shella past. I painted over a not completly dry coat and result, bad bublles appear on the center; So i had to remove the coat of the area in trouble. Refill it with a new coat of shellac past. Result  one month for complet dryng. I have to wait a bit for find money to finish it with the gold bath. It not cost a lot regard for price in euro, but for here in Colombia it’s money! Unfortunaly actually  income with art, overthere in Ibague are close to zero!



2009 CUCAROnN part IV : Ibague / Colombia

Hey The Cuacaron coming back!!

After Months of dryng finally it’s fine for painting. Also, I had to make a consolidate of all legs, cause they were very week, close to break.

So i had to put some tube of steel to add rigidity; make for  holes above legs to place tube, and close it, with a Shellac past. But this is very very long to complet dry! Now i can go for painting > paint various coats, sandinf, various coats, sanding, and so on. This process is to finish the surface and trytget a decent smooth surface.. I don’t know if i am going for a glossy finsh or not…

2009_cucaron_stepIV_2 above we can also see Golden egg ( actually with cooper painted, i plan to make an elctro bath of gold, for finish coat)

see u next step.



New piece in process. Cloud#01 or Cumulo Nimbus#01. This is a reduce studie (25cm high) for a larger one i plan to work on it in next months;

I model it with recycled paper mixed with flour glu over a wood core.

you can also view the image i had composed in photoshop before cutting wood core.