1976 with my sisters Armelle (left) Gladys (right)

1976 with my sisters Armelle (left) Gladys (right)

Three years old and well surrounded by my two sisters, Armelle right and Gladys Left with love..

Not so much new stuff, in this moment, hard time, but as says this french expression ” Apres la pluie le beau temp”



1994_Paris_22-passage-Brunoy_ilot-Chalon_gare-de-lyon_fenetre-sur-le-travilleur-immigreur-demolissant-l'immeuble-en-ruine_dessin_web 1994_Paris_22-passage-Brunoy_ilot-Chalon_gare-de-lyon_fenetre-sur-le-travilleur-immigreur-demolissant-l'immeuble-en-ruine_webAs there is no time for new production right now.  The best I can, it’s showing in this blog, older work, that never had been show in an art exhibition. Also, I feel actually I need to make a kind of balance of what I did it, this is helping to go the aesthetic and hope so, virtuous way that is coming.

This gravure is the view that we saw from the kitchen of our apartment at the  22 PASSAGE BRUNOY, ILOT CHALON, just beside of the GARE DE LYON train station to south. It was at the third floors, looking to the PASSAGE RAGUINOT. There is so much to say about the life in this neighborhood, that I will let it for later entries. I draw it first quickly on artisan paper, white English pen and Chinese tint. It was the intermediate step of the deconstruction of a working class building of the Haussman era. Since few years It was since in an advanced state of ruin, due to various fire, and overall of the lack of maintenance by the owners (obviously people that they wasn’t living here, just receiving the cash of the rent). When I draw this, it was manually destroyed by workers. And truly it was a liberation, because finally it was possible to sea the sky and let entering the warm sunlight inside the small apartment, where we were living, my mother, my sister Armelle and myself. Before it was a very desolated vision of abandon, we lived it as a paradoxical moment, due to the simple question; When it will be our turn to be destroyed ???

As you can see, I didn’t reverse the drawing when I translate it to the copperplate, and of course it is symmetrically inverted in the print. This print that is labeled EA, artist trying print (epreuve d’artiste et qui porte bien son nom, au sens propre comme au figure), It’ s too dark on the second plan, where theres is the worker,and I find that it too rigid at the drawing level, it s far from the original, but anyway.Well I was beginner and there is still a lot to do, to reach higher level in the art working. Hope I will have a long life to to reach this state, and of course, I wish it for you to. Best regards and thanks for watching


1997_stenope_Lignol_1200dpiBackup from archive a selfportrait I did when I was student at the ENSAD in Paris. It was an nice project in wich the teacher push us, making a PINEHOLE camera but a large format negative BW. My theme was selfportrait and landscape. So I did a serial in various place. Here it’s in Brittany France where my father is coming from, it’s in the village od LIGNOL, MORBIHAN. Just in top of my head there is my mother house, it cost few try to get it this place. II have to scan the other negatives to show that, if I remenber well I guess there is twelve pictures. I will just do it soon as possible. keep in touch, thank s for watching…