Hello, you can watch the gallery of pictures from my expostion at the alianza francesa Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Buenos dias, pueden visitar la galeria de imagen de mi exposicion en la alianza francesa de Cartagena de indias, Colombia.

Bonjour, vous pouvez visiter la galerie de photos de mon exposition a l alliance francaise de Cartagena de indias, Colombie.

un grand merci a Marion Lecardonnel.



Hi everybody

Today Another interresting spider specimen, I found it in my daughter bedroom!! I will tell you the truth, to stop my wife shouting, I had to kill it, just after taking time to photography it ! Sorry for this innocent spider that I took life, forgive me, but there was an imperative order from the mother of my daughter.

Anyway that is life too, awsome specimen isn’it!  The plastic figurine bleow is just bit more than 3 centimeters. So this spider, that I kill without knowing his species name is around 5 cm eight, a great pieces of animal. Just another precision where we are living is 1300 m above the sea level in the central Andine area of the central colombian mountain chain.