This my “fetish” sculpture LA BUENA ONE (the good vibe). As this sculpture is in France in sister house. I have plan to build a second one higher and thicker, around 1m high and 20 cm deep. I will using only organic modeling material… to follow

The idea of this piece is a representation of mother nature, only the upper part of the face is emerging from the earth ground, meaning the whole body is rooted the soil. The sculpture is double sided front and back the good and vibe is present (watching in back=past watching in front= futur and the spectator watching her = present time)

The picture below was taken in Paris on top my library in 2007, the size is 80x80x5, I used for modeling her : styrofoam, stratified with paper and acrylic paint.


MAT / Tolima Art Museum > 19 Photo exhibition

Thursday 13 of august was the openning day of the nineteen Tolima photographic show.

It was a nice inauguracion, with lot of art amateur. I met a planty of interresting people. And overall i had exhibit Three of my pictures  for first time in a museum. Three digital print 80×80 cm. I am happy, I had recieved a good feedback from public. I didn’t won any prize but for me it was a good stress.


At the entrance


The principal room of the museum


Public in front of the three pictures from TROPISME serie, left to right :




Quarto de circulo a los Termales

Some news pictures from the Trek to “Los termales de Canon” at the national parc Los nevados, Tolima Colombia.

Obviously, I bring with me a small piece “Quart de Circle”, and I have benefited this realy amazing trek for photographing it. It was some quick shoot, in the area around los termales de Canon. I have to go back and stay at least three or four days at this place, to get the required calm to shoot good picures, booth digital and argentic pictures.

Clik on pict to watch a pdf presentation


2009_10_12_Trek_Nevado_Tolima_armor_quart de cercle

2009 Quart de cercle ( quarter of  a circle, Quarto de circulo), painted soaked paper, papier maché peint, papel maché pintado, 25x15x8 cm

Golden egg part II


This piece is also in process; As cucaron i had a small problem, with the shella past. I painted over a not completly dry coat and result, bad bublles appear on the center; So i had to remove the coat of the area in trouble. Refill it with a new coat of shellac past. Result  one month for complet dryng. I have to wait a bit for find money to finish it with the gold bath. It not cost a lot regard for price in euro, but for here in Colombia it’s money! Unfortunaly actually  income with art, overthere in Ibague are close to zero!



2009 CUCAROnN part IV : Ibague / Colombia

Hey The Cuacaron coming back!!

After Months of dryng finally it’s fine for painting. Also, I had to make a consolidate of all legs, cause they were very week, close to break.

So i had to put some tube of steel to add rigidity; make for  holes above legs to place tube, and close it, with a Shellac past. But this is very very long to complet dry! Now i can go for painting > paint various coats, sandinf, various coats, sanding, and so on. This process is to finish the surface and trytget a decent smooth surface.. I don’t know if i am going for a glossy finsh or not…

2009_cucaron_stepIV_2 above we can also see Golden egg ( actually with cooper painted, i plan to make an elctro bath of gold, for finish coat)

see u next step.