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Quelques photos de l’etat actuel de : El Cucaron negro +  Black Cloud

Some  picures of the actual state of : El Cucaron negro +  Black Cloud

Algunas imagenes del estado actual de : El Cucaron negro +  Black Cloud


 El Cucaron Negro > Acrylic paint on Soaked Paper and Shellac > 40x20x20 cm


 Temporaly painted in white for visualising with more accuracy the shape. 


Rough saoked paper material state

En cours > Work in Progress > En proceso


Prince of Plastic > Regis RRRR


Regis R, Prince of Plastic, as he clamed himself.

 He’s my dear friend and partner in the art experience; I realy love his work and if you don’t know him, you should visit his brand new site by cliking here


Des déchets ultra Régis, Des déchets Régis actifs. Créateur recycleur, Régis est le pourfendeur du gaspillage. Il moule ses inventions dans l’humour pour changer le regard sur les objets de notre surconsommation. Ses pièces se nomment Bassinos, On a marché sur Mars, Sounds of Plastic Sounds of Régis, Superlux, Family bidon etc,. Il se réfère à Barthes : “Plus qu’une substance, le plastique est l’idée même de son infinie transformation”.



2009 CUCAROnN part IV : Ibague / Colombia

Hey The Cuacaron coming back!!

After Months of dryng finally it’s fine for painting. Also, I had to make a consolidate of all legs, cause they were very week, close to break.

So i had to put some tube of steel to add rigidity; make for  holes above legs to place tube, and close it, with a Shellac past. But this is very very long to complet dry! Now i can go for painting > paint various coats, sandinf, various coats, sanding, and so on. This process is to finish the surface and trytget a decent smooth surface.. I don’t know if i am going for a glossy finsh or not…

2009_cucaron_stepIV_2 above we can also see Golden egg ( actually with cooper painted, i plan to make an elctro bath of gold, for finish coat)

see u next step.

Dark Cloud another step


Dark cloud step 3.3

Each week more or less i am adding a new layer of “papier maché”,  paper maché, papel maché.

It’s more or less the time needed to dry completly ( depend of the local thickness of the layer).

Also it’s dependent of the ambiant humidity or warm. Actually it’s really good weather in Ibague Colombia, where  i am currently living. And it’s drying very fast. By comparison In paris during winter, it was soooooooo long to dry, months. Better in summer time, but noway actually it’s perfect for this technique.

I am using an acrylic glu and usind recycled paper and carboard ( the eggs box cardboard give the best result). I put the paper and cardboard in a bucket and pump it up with a large stick. And pump it pump it as the paper is fine paste, then i add the acrylic glu. I make a try with an organic glu base on various flour. But unfortunaly it was devasted by mushroom and moisture. I will make an aother try with an fungicide add.

Anyway, I already do not have much time, actually i need to have a result a bit more quicly so using acrylic..

I know it’s out of my plan, using only orgabnic or recycled base supply ( raw material).

see u soon for next step.