14-14 RH

14-18 RH WIP

Today, I receive the first engravement by sandblasting with the Didot font ontop. PATER NOSTER.  Western civilisation morbid industrial strenght, LIBRENOS A MALO.01_pater-noster_sndblasting_2000px 13_tentationnem_wip_200px


14-18 RH #02

Second intent, with just oil painting. Well finally oil allow muddy mood for texture, but not allow so precise trace, cause it´s tooooooo long for dry, it wasn´t what i was expecting and lookin for.

furthermore I will blend the two type of paint (synthetic and oil) in two-phase 1.tracing light gray and black trace 2.gradient texturing of matter in muddy style with oil paint in semifluid consistency 3. background with oil paint in compact consistency apply with ruler pass…

Next will be the good one! Then I will begin the final series of twelve small and medium format, square and 1.6 proportion.

Oil ans synthetic paint on glass. 40x25 cm.

Oil and synthetic paint on glass. 40×25 cm.