Photographying my pieces in the landscape is the second and fundamental steps in my artwork. Permanently I visit sites and when a piece is achieved. I choosing various appropriate locations to photographing it. Two reasons:

> First, looking for and additional sense for the receptor of my artwork, when I am outing a piece into a site, this creating a new relationship between the sculpture and the specificities of the place resulting in a new meaning, that is increasing-decreasing or harmonizing the inner soul of the sculpture. It is an accentuation or a ponderation act.
Also the photography act is giving a unique point of view and virtually unlimited reproduction possibilities to the sculpture it s not the artifact itself, it is creating a duality the object is three-dimensional and unique it s a totality and photographing it make a reduction to bidiemsionality, but this is reduction go with an expansion that the vision of the sculpture cannot give it s the relation with the site specificities. It s a reduction in a way and an an expansion in the same time.
> Artwork should be unique or not? Well if we are talking about the moment of the photography is unique, but technic nature of the image allow infinite copy. This point is very interesting because it is creating chances to a large amount of peoples to be owner of pieces of artwork at a relatively low cost dependinof the kind of reproduction technics, from numerated and dedicated : serigraphy, expensive large-format hires inkjet to cheap anonymous offset quadrichromic poster until free personal home-print.
The last point, implicate the fact is I have to soon;) publicating* in tiff uncompressed hires picture format, under Creative Coomons License a selection of my photographic works.
With Photography I can multiplicate infinitly the final digital image:
Reintroducing various copy in the art market and then destroying it. The goal of lowering cost of each image is making the artwork more accessible.
This photographic process is an heritage of  acting in-situ, an activity that is in straight line, from older practice of graffiti art (since 1985 – visit my graffiti blog > CP5crew ).
When i find an attractive place, where I can working peacfully; I am making direct intervention, as painting, drawing or displacing end organizing materials found localy. Photography are shoot in 6×6 format positive color > Scan hi-res > Digital Print ( currently in A4 proof Print ). I beging to used a digital camera and using stiching method to get larger resolution file.
In this page you will find images of sculpture painting i realized in-situ. I had been and still be a graffiti artist. Process and style is progressing to actual direction. I am still connected to this Art and i guess, will never denied it. Otherwise, exploring it by various way.
Off course each pictures, can be printed on demand, those are unique because coming with a unique drawing on the back ….. contact :>

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2007_La Buena Onda#01 / France / Paris – Montreuil
2007_Green Disk Circle#01.1 / France / Brittany
2007_Goldstone#01.3 / France / Brittany
2007_03_12_Flintstone_02_1 / France / Col de Sarenne
2007_03_12_Flintstone_01_1 / France / Col de Sarenne
2002_Little Spiral Snake / France /Paris- Ivry sur Seine
2007_La Verga / France / Fontainebleau
2002_Explozion / France / Paris
2002_C_latelunalfi / France / Paris / Paint on metal
2002 :> Acid Strawberry / paint on wall :> Ivry sur Seine :> France
2006 :> Gold Finger :> Fiberglass on foam with gold leaf :> Morbihan :> France


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