About fabulous Colombian landscapes



Well as I have a lot responsability as fathers of three lovely childs, time for Art creation is close of absoltut zero. Anyway I have few stuff by there and a lto of pictures of amazing COLOMBIAN LANDSCAPE. Amazing place that I am sure u will appreciate, I hope.

This imagen was taken in 2010 during an holiday trip, to TAYRONA NATIONAL PARK in the carribeab coast of Colombia. It s an milenar sent made with huge granit rock by the people of Tayrona Nation, Caribe civilisation. This sent conducing from a settlement in terrasse to the sea shore. It was made during the first decade after the arrival of the Conquistador from Spain around 1530. Very lovely and quiet place include in high season, in fact most people prefere stay in the beach drinking beer than walk this way. If u have chance to came in low season, sure to be alone with the guardina (Cogui people in this place). And maybe have chance to observe wild life, as venemous snake, spider, Monkeys and if very unlucky the moutain tiger, King Puma, be carefull yes it s true, they are few specimens in this area can baddly hurt or simply kill and eat.

If u like strong sensation trip, u can arrive to Tayrona by sea, it s more impressive, cause u will the majestuosity and luxuriance of this wild place from a fisherman boat. From santa marta, go to TAGANGA, and ask fishermen to go by boat to Tayrona, around  2 > 3 hours depend of the sea roughness (beware can be really rough this case go by road), if sea is calm and flat it will be an very nice oversea sightseeing trip to the Tayrona Park, enjoy.

I plan using this imagen for make an digitaly insertion and modifying it, hope I will be  able to show the progress of this project, as soon as possible.

Best regards.



2013_01_13_NEVADO-DEL-TOLIMASunfired ice, early in the morning, EL NEVADO DEL TOLIMA in his majesty with magnificent icecap, but for as long?

Image is CC do what u have to do. Shoot with Nikkor 500 mm canon D65 from my home


Today was a very nice day

We have been in family and with friend to bathing at a river. We have been in the warm area near ibague, close to the small town PAYANDE to the river LUISA. But we found a secret entrance in a farm by talking with a very friendly local… So we arrive to this wonderful place without any one, except us.

I make benifit from this fact to paint, with : white limestone powder. Truly I love this technique I will comply a series of photography .



Few days ago, as it s a very rainy, wet and warm weather with few friends we have been for a walk in the colombian country side. A blessed day we found a rare butterfly and much more natural stuffs, as very nice shaped psylocibe colombian magic mushrooms.

This is for me, one of the best things in life. Have a walk int the contryside far from the city superficiality.


Una ciudad campestre muy hermosa, la ciudad del valle del casique Upar, al pie de la sierra nevada muy sagrada (de santa marta).

A beautiful  country side city, city of the valley of the indian chief Upar, at foot of  the sacred colombian sierra nevada range (de santa marta).

Superbe petite ville campestre, la ville de la vallée du casique Upar, aux pieds de la chaine sacré la sierra nevada (de santa marta).