Experimentation in ceramic


Buenos días. Los presente mis ultimas realizacion en creamica ancestral quemada con leña. Por encargo. contacto 3156329861. Piezas de 20 pesitos Colombianos a 50 segun modelo y acabado (liso sencillo y bruñido brillante fino).




Anyway it was so good to have few time to dedicating to preparing clay from the backyard and make a workshop with my daughters. It was pretty oriented to modeling some dinausors. I took an extra time and try to make a speedsuclpting in exactly 58 minutes for achieve as it is, COLOMBIAN VENUS, 20 cm high. Bien carnuda in the Fernando Botero moods, but with an archaic influence based on the WILLENDORF VENUS, well it’s not a replica, this is in the idea of. Also I make a a new receptacle for some orchids I got from my neighbour and they need a nice pottery to put them in. So instead of putting the orchid I put the VENUS58 as if it was stand up in a bath…



firing for picture EARTH WIND & FIRED EARTH

firing for picture EARTH WIND & FIRED EARTH

This is my very first try I did last year for firing raw ceramic, off course it was an pretty interesting technical disaster, every pieces were carbonized, maybe because the fire it wasn’t enough hot to fireing correctly or the atmosphere without enough oxygen, who knows. Anyway to be continued…ANAGAMA KILN OR BUST.



20130720 receptacle 01

20130720 receptacle 01

After one year with very few possibilities to making artwork pieces and also no way to blogginit at all. Today way back to artworking, just a free week to make it.

Second test of cooking a raw ceramic with homemade brick horno. Pretty archaic or ancestral method ( as you prefer), it s of the ANAGAMA kiln type. It a small one, but work perfectly for my needs, and after the work there still a lot fire for making a good  bbq. In this case I made a pot for plant. It very rough and it s precisely what I want it looking at. The serial is RECEPTACLE, one of my LOWTECH project using this technique.  I would to build one a bit bigger in the backyard but as the rest a lot of ideas, few time a no money, so to be continued, slowly but surely