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2011 | I am a French artist, 37 years old, working and living in Colombia, since 2008. I am also working as Art teacher at the University of Tolima in Ibague.

The goal of this blog is tho show my artwork evolution, as an online portfolio and as public point of view notebook about : ART, CULTURE, ECOLOGY, NATIVE CULTURE, MISCELLEANOUS

I hope you will  enjoy viewing and reading it.


Why TROPISME* ? This is an analogy between my artwork process and other tropism behaviors. The closest one is : how plants search for the best sunlight exposure ( phototropism). This is what I look for while creating in the art domain,as I consider myself as a biological entity like another one. I love this analogy that is used to describe many behaviors we can observe in nature, including human activity. Tropisme is a powerful dynamic in the biosphere. I was inspired in this process by the work of artists as : Robert Smithson that was focused on Entropy, minimalism and earth work, Gordon Matta Clark that was focused on the sociological dimension of urban space. Richard Long is also an artist I love a lot; his work inspires me a lot, I quote:

“Art made by walking in landscapes”

Then, I can paraphrase Richard when describing my artistic process, as this:

“Art made by processing my garbage in landscapes”

I am really concerned by the actual climate change and biosphere destruction; lots of things are going wrong due to  human action. But these two seem to be the serious ones, and why? Many reasons but one of the biggest cause is the current delirious financial system(hedge funds and company that produce nothing except crashes… remember the1929 crash, partially responsible for  World WarII !!!) So I’m trying to be involved activily and to respond to this problem by “artivism”. I act each day at my personal level, cause I think  that isolated responsible acts can bring changes…(if progressively people massively do it). However small it is, it counts. As an artist,my role is to be active and to begin so by communicating and creating artwork. since this is the thing I love to do the best, and I try to do it well. It is the best process I’ve found actually. I do it this way: recuperating and recycling a maximum of industrial stuff ( paper, plastic ) that I consume in my daily life. Obviously, I try first of all to reduce this amount. I select the organic garbage  for compost (fermentation); all other material I use  to produce artwork. It’s a step before tryng to reduce completely all industrial manufactured supply.

Why TROPISME ? When I was a student in 1999 at the ENSAD institute in Paris,I  searched for a title describing my final study” Grand Projet”. What I was looking for at that period was related to graffity painting, and one of the first task for a graffity artist is to find relevant places to paint. So I was in this dynamic of perpetual seeking, finding sites (non-sites) in the Parisian suburb with its post industrial landscape. This  was my tropism: seeking sites, sites that have historical, sociological dimensions or special sensorial characteristics; they were abandonned, partially destroyed, spooky, happy, calm, nervous, dangerous, confused, wild, techno…

So I was and still am in this process; tropism for sites that match with the pieces of artwork I produce, using recycled and organic components, then  photographing these pieces in those relevant natural or urban landscapes. Tropism for artwork pieces that have an organic based aesthetic, organic components, organic process. This is a work in the making, there’s still a lot to do befor making the whole process coherent, but ” doucement mais sûrement”, > “slowly but surely”.









* in French in the text ( i born in Paris in 1973, so forgive me, if my english or spanish posts are not perfect. Truly i do the best i can to share in english. English, why?  Because it’s the most used languege at an international level, so i use it for public content :-) You can translate pages and posts by using google translate that is working pretty well.

French and spanish text coming soon, stay tuned :->

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    1. Hola gracaias para su comentario. Actualmente tengo muy poquito tiempo para dedicar a las practicas plsaticas, mi familia, la UT y la finca que tenemos que arreglar dejan nada de tiempo para la produccion artistica. Pero como yo vi que usted suscribio al blog cuando hare nueva produccion recivira noticias en su correo.

      gracias no vemos pronto


  2. La verdad es que la exposicion de hoy, estuvo fantastica, y la forma en la cual captas y hablas sobre tus obras es muy buena, cada una de las fotografias es unica, mas unico es el significado de cada una de ellas, en algun momento te mostrare tambien mis fotografias…..

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