Experiments I did during the painting of my desktop board. It was unexpected and the configuracion I install for protect me from the heavy sun rays, allowed shoot few pictures of some thematics I was interrested in, since I was student at the Lycee des metiers d´Arts du Gue a Tresmes, in the “Peinture publicitaire” dept, contrast between: MATT-GLOSSY . LIGHTNESS-DARKNESS. REFLECTIVITY-NON REFLECTIVITY.

In this series the ephemere is making it all, this hi glossynes state of the matter surface, just have few minuts duration, so the only way to make a trace, it s photography it, each medium in his own especificity. It´s a kind of feedback loop process where, painting and photography, inner and outter field of view , light and shade, are in a perpetual runaway.

Glycerosphatlyque paint on wood. 300x75 cm.

Glycerosphatlyque paint on wood. 300×75 cm.


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