14-18 RH#01

14-18 RH (Ressources Humaines – Human Ressources) PAINTING


Is a serie of painting I have iniciate in January, due to heavy charge of work at the univiversity teachning Clase and creating purpose for the APROCIENCIA project. I just made few trys and paint a small one.

The subject is about the memory of my grandfather. He was soldier during the WW1, engaged in the conflict from 1914 to 1918 with the French Colonial Corp (Tirailleur Senegalais) as simple troop soldier. Was injured two times, participate in major battlle, La Marne, Les Eparges, Verdun, Chemin des Dames, he mostly was affected between those two areas Argonne, Craonne. He managed to survive the hell of the trenchs and became alive. I never met her.

Jean Francois Marie Le Bihan, born in 1896, married in July of 1919. He died peacefully in his bed at his own farm Kerurgan, Malguenac, Morbihan, Brittany, France, the 3 mars of 1953, father of eleven childs. In loving memory.

I am painting with oil, inbetween mirror and glass sheet, from photographic pictures of the places he was. I plan to make twelve paintings (via crusis) regarding of chronologic and where he was affected along the conflict. Also an important dimension for me it s have to keepin mind that close of a million soldiers bodies without sepulture (missing in action) are still burried in the red zone (total destruction area), smashed and melted in mud for ever… He survived, I am living, they died… A qui la faute? Messieurs Bonsoir…



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