1994_GRAVURE_PASSAFE-BRUNOY_THREE-BROTHERS_DIALO_FAMILY_webSame period same place 22 PASSAGE BRUNOY PARIS FRANCE. Here it’s a zinc plate 20×20 cm, dine with aquatinta, point graving and polishing to get highlighting. It was the last monce were I lived this neighborhood, one day I saw kids playing in the ruin, three of the sons of Monsieur Dialo. I told the higher to look at me with his two little brothers, and then I took a picture ( I don’t whre is the negative, but I guess I have, because I have a lot of care of them, other task have to do scanning it and insert the original).

It’s the last gravure I did at the ENSAD 1996 or 1997 don’t remenber exactly. Anyway hope so that soon I could make other one, just have a good PRPOSITO to do it… See you and thank s for watching.


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