1994_DIANNA-YOUNG-FLAT_WINDWO_ILE-SAINT-LOUIS_PARIS_webAs I am in a backup mood a drawing I make when I was student at the fine art school of RUEIL MALMAISON. It war twenty years ago and, in this time I was 21 and living with an Australian girl friend, DIANNA YOUNG, if she read those words, I am giving here my friendly and salutations, I learned a lot from here.  She was also an artist, and and we were living in a very charming and old building, on of the XVII century century if I’m not wrong, with view on the seine from one side and on the other to a roof top, pretty romantic isn’t it? I was fully in my technohead period and if remember well it was in a the afternoon of a sunny spring Sunday. It was just after a Goa trance rave-party, TBE TRANSBODY EXPRESS, somewhere in a wood outside of Paris, very deep dancing all night long. Unfortunatly I didn’t have any picture of all those moments. But it was good time in life, relativly without problems and responsabilities. Sometime I am a bit nostalgic, listening some old techno from this pastime, especially this one EGE BAM YASI. It was the generic of the PATRICK ROGNANT radio show, RAVE UP on the FG RADIO station, friday night 2, hours of techno music and the source of what will going on the Parisian rave scene during the week end…

Then this was a very quiet Sunday in the the bedroom chilling, in the silence after, the AFTER OF THE TOLBIAC BRIDGE and the heavy double drop into the TBE 40 kw  bass sound system. It was so pleasant and nice, drinking a delicious ceylan orange peak ow tea from Mariage freres, just to listening at the bird singing a sweat melody on top of the permanent surrounding city city vibration. Came a time I feel need to get in my hand my sketchbook and drawing specific things I was seeing and feeling.

This drawing is the only I kept from this day. I had planed to make a hand graving in a copperplate, but for some reason I don’t remember I never did it. I was in a kind of thematic tropism for windows in this period, I did several draw looking from inside to outside, as an analogy of the inner visual perception of the whole world in a few lines traced on paper, WORK ON PAPER, I have plan to make an exhibition with this title, but when, who knows, I don;t if I have to make a new coherent serial or just make a curation of the my own existing work, that is the question I guess that a bit of AGUA DE PANELA CON LEMONCILLO is needed to take a decision.

WORK ON PAPER, a la recherche du temps perdu, This is it.


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