20130720 receptacle 01

20130720 receptacle 01

After one year with very few possibilities to making artwork pieces and also no way to blogginit at all. Today way back to artworking, just a free week to make it.

Second test of cooking a raw ceramic with homemade brick horno. Pretty archaic or ancestral method ( as you prefer), it s of the ANAGAMA kiln type. It a small one, but work perfectly for my needs, and after the work there still a lot fire for making a good  bbq. In this case I made a pot for plant. It very rough and it s precisely what I want it looking at. The serial is RECEPTACLE, one of my LOWTECH project using this technique.  I would to build one a bit bigger in the backyard but as the rest a lot of ideas, few time a no money, so to be continued, slowly but surely



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