Limestone line at the angle of my garden in colombia.



  1. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures.
    Are you still in Colombia? Do you know of any safe small towns less than 30 minutes away from Ibague that would be good places to live in? I am looking for a quiet safe place to live, far from city noise and urban culture. I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have.

    1. Hi

      Tolima is very beautiful place and very safe around ibague and principal higway… safe but with… various places better no going…

      safe and warm climat / tierra caliente

      EL TOTUMO Close to Ibague clima caliente warm place
      PAYANDE small town realy nice landscape and wonderful rivers and cascads
      PIEDRAS bit more distance 40 mn clima caliente nice river

      Tierra fria

      VILLA RESTREPO wonderful view on the nevado del tolima, surrounded by mountain.
      JUNTAS surrounded by mountain

      thank s for comment, if need more info or pictures tell me…

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