The name of this piece is EL ELEFANTE BLANCO | THE WHITE ELEPHANT in english, this is have the meaning of : unachieved thing, generally a building …

Well this one of the piece I am actually working on. It s in finishing phase. I just have to paint up to ten pass of super glossy epoxy white paint and then make the polishing. The polish have to step first the abrasive paper multipass from 200 to 1000 and then the polish to get final glossy and ultra fine touch finish. This is a lot of work due to the relativly complex topology of the sculpture and have to be made with a lot of precautions.

I hope this piece will be ready for the exhibition at the alliance francaise of Bogota the friday 13 of may.

PS. this piece was showed at the Alliance Francaise of Cartagena in 2010. But have suffered in the travel due to structural Brittleness. So I was in the obligation to use polyster resin for armoring the fragil parts : trunk and queue. You have to know that I am trying to using as less is possible synthetic material in my artwork. I think I have change the type of concept, process and design to complet with this parameter. Because actually it s still hard to get the form I have in my imagination without using synthetic material… Still have some work


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