Month: November 2010


Today was a very nice day

We have been in family and with friend to bathing at a river. We have been in the warm area near ibague, close to the small town PAYANDE to the river LUISA. But we found a secret entrance in a farm by talking with a very friendly local… So we arrive to this wonderful place without any one, except us.

I make benifit from this fact to paint, with : white limestone powder. Truly I love this technique I will comply a series of photography .



Few days ago, as it s a very rainy, wet and warm weather with few friends we have been for a walk in the colombian country side. A blessed day we found a rare butterfly and much more natural stuffs, as very nice shaped psylocibe colombian magic mushrooms.

This is for me, one of the best things in life. Have a walk int the contryside far from the city superficiality.


I was invited by the very sympatic staff crew of Residencia en la tierra to participate at the event SATELITE. An artist meeting organised in parallel of the major art event in Bogota ARTBO and LA OTRA. Result I did make a presentacion of my parcour in art from Graffiti in early 80’s till actual work. I will make a gallery soon of the pictures i present this day…

And I have try a brand new way for me to trace figure in landscape. Instead of the football ground mark line, I draw the half part of geometric precolombine stylised look like christmas tree, in the abondonned swiming pool floor.