Month: August 2010


Well this day was a good day, I found it dead, killed by one of my cat, this very huge grasshopper. around 7 cm height. Nice piece of animal.



Hi  I was in the Colombian atlantic coast in february, in Palomino donde Lucas. It s a marvelous place and a very good Kite and surf spot also. As I did not bring my surfboards from France, I was in the obligation to built one by myself. I dit it with what I found on the Beach…

As you can see I had used plastic to waterproofing the board. Well this not organic and very polluting action, that is not in my line of creation. Well I apologize because I was in need for a surf board to ride all that very nice waves. The I have use this artisanal technic recycling plastic bottle and others stuffs found on the shore. In a way it s in the line by processing garbage for making Art piece, but the fact that burning emit a lot dioxid carbonic gaz is bad. Ok you can tell me that is a very little gaz emission and the plastic garbage is also a pollution. Well it ´s true, but there´s no small emission there is just emission and eah one is enough. Plaid guilty.