Month: June 2010


Last week we were to one of our favorite place for picnic and river bathing at puente alegre san juan valley. In the road to go back  ibague few kilometers before entering payande. I saw this lenticular cloud, typical of the Nevado del Tolima summit. The distance between the point of view and the top is about 50km… I talk with a person who lives there and he tell me that at the the early sunrise, by clear day the view is awsome. I will try to get this one in the box …

Well of course we can only see the summit by the presence of lenticualr cloud, just in the center of the image. There is like a small cone cloud , it s there, the summit 5200 m highhhhh.


Bristish Petroleum = Biggest Polluter


As I am actually preparing the drawing for Work on paper serie. I was inspired by the actuality, talking about the gigantic oil spill of th BP platform in the gulf of Mexico. I have focus me on the BP logo (british petroleum) and revisited it by changing the actual color for a more approriate color scheme and slogan.



This friday I was at the alliance Française in Pereira Colombia for the installation and inauguration. It was theSecond etap in the Todo debe desaparecer#01 expo-tour.

I want to make special thank’s to Faber who had gave me a precious help and good advises for the instalation, to  Jorge mario Quintero for writing the text and had make the design of the beautiful flyer and also to Didier the director for his hospitality.

You can visit the expo untill the 5 of july. The expo is going to Cartago the 14 july. You can watch pictures by cliking on the FlickR galeries on right side of the present blog ( images thumbnails).




I am very interrested by Computer graphic and especialy by three dimensional graphic software. I love the idea that i can simulated volume and lighting in a ” realistic” way. The process of making thos images is directly inspirated by FX and architectural previz technics. It allow to get a realy good approximation of an idea of sculpture in landscape. It’s also allow me to get a faster and without the cost of making a real size sculpture and with complet liberty of shape. Off cours I am still limited by low level 3D skills in modeling and shading. But it’s a good way to explore. Maybe in futur I will use those images as document for making them in real size, hope so. Actually it’s impossible so this technic is a good challenge to me. This images is a low res. I am using MAYA 2008 and photoshop for compositing booth image, the synthetic and real footage. I plan to make the render about 5000 pixel eight for a final digital print of 170 cm.

The present image was shoot in 2009 in Armero Colombia. It’s the inside corridor of the hospital of Armero. In 1985 Armero was this town drown by mud flow, due to the eruption of the volcanoe El nevado del Ruiz. It was a human desaster more than 20 000 person died in the night of 13 november. I was in practical class of photography with my student of the university of Tolima. We had make a stop to visit the memorial monument and we visit the ruin of the hospital. This corridor is the second floor of the hospital actuly ground level!

Why a molar? don’t ask me.