Bifurcation diagram, is the representaction of two mathematical constants discovered in 1975 ( i was 2 years old) by Mitchell Feigenbaum. What can we see in this two images. math and nature seems to speak same language, off course math is rough approximation of the natural phenomena, but one of the most precise way to describing it. Well it’s simply fascinating.

  1. > the graphical representation of the “bifurcation tree“, that have  4.669 lenght between each new bifurcation.
  2. >  a “real looking like” example found in the Colombina vegetation. I don’t pretend it’s a “true example”! I didn’t verify if the ratio between each branchs is around 4.669! It’s just a feeling! If you want to do it it’s up to you!

Also, I can’t name this plant, it is growing as a parasit of trees. It’s a very common plant herre, easy to find it in Ibague. This specimen was found at the club campestre, just close to the swiming pool. If u can, thank’s to write it in a comment.



  1. Me gustaría conocerlo personalmente.

    Voy a ir a Ibagué y nos podríamos encontrar, el 15 o el 16 de Mayo, en el Club Campestre por la mañana cerca de la piscina.

    Cordial saludo,

    Luis Fernando LLano

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