Month: March 2010


Hi this post is for redirecting you to the this amazing blog >>> BOREALLY

It is talking and over all showing a very great photographique work. The general purpose is the exploration of  “non site”. What does mean “non site”, I use this term by direct reference to the Artwork ROBERT SMITHSON, as he describring the nature of the sites, he used to interact with. It’s this kind of place that are abondonned, desaffected, trace of an “old” human activity and suddenly let in a certain state. It can be : a factory, a mine, a bunker, a structure left after that explotation time was over. Also can be a functional place that use to be not visible to the public. PLaces that have an structural utility but are generaly hidden or barely unaccessible. Well it could a natural place but in a deserted place, fare away from civilisation hi moutain, desert, caves, submarine world… Mmm a great type of this special kind of place could be,  the summit area of the TIBESTI or HOGGAR mountain chain in the SAHARA desert.

Well,  If  I am risking me to an analogy >>  in a way those type of places are a projection or a representation of the unconsciouness of the human brain. I risking me again to tell that a non site is an archetypal space in a Jungian way of thinking.

What is the Tipology or phenomenology of the “non site” ? It’s  a huge theme so I will writing shortly about my favorite one, the Industrial Abandonned site. It’s a place that use to be something of interest for some human organisation or activities and for x ans y resaons was left without care. Places that are slowly returning to a wild state, an “original” state. For the biggest one and most spectacular; It give you a strange feeling, something sound like : “post nuclear conflict”  Something you can feel in movies like : Planet of the apes, or 12 monkies. Well it’s an signifiant exploration in the human substract that industrial societies leaves behind them…

>> an Endless Search…This blog is a perfect example of a NON SITE TROPISM…WHy does he do it ? Adventure, risk, adrenaline, aesthetic and … ?



Hi well as I have always with me my camera. I had few days ago shoot this insect, it was pretty hard because he was movieng relatvly fast and without stoping. as usual i don’t have any idea of the specie. If you know tell us in a comment. Thank’s


Hi everybody

Today Another interresting spider specimen, I found it in my daughter bedroom!! I will tell you the truth, to stop my wife shouting, I had to kill it, just after taking time to photography it ! Sorry for this innocent spider that I took life, forgive me, but there was an imperative order from the mother of my daughter.

Anyway that is life too, awsome specimen isn’it!  The plastic figurine bleow is just bit more than 3 centimeters. So this spider, that I kill without knowing his species name is around 5 cm eight, a great pieces of animal. Just another precision where we are living is 1300 m above the sea level in the central Andine area of the central colombian mountain chain.


Bifurcation diagram, is the representaction of two mathematical constants discovered in 1975 ( i was 2 years old) by Mitchell Feigenbaum. What can we see in this two images. math and nature seems to speak same language, off course math is rough approximation of the natural phenomena, but one of the most precise way to describing it. Well it’s simply fascinating.

  1. > the graphical representation of the “bifurcation tree“, that have  4.669 lenght between each new bifurcation.
  2. >  a “real looking like” example found in the Colombina vegetation. I don’t pretend it’s a “true example”! I didn’t verify if the ratio between each branchs is around 4.669! It’s just a feeling! If you want to do it it’s up to you!

Also, I can’t name this plant, it is growing as a parasit of trees. It’s a very common plant herre, easy to find it in Ibague. This specimen was found at the club campestre, just close to the swiming pool. If u can, thank’s to write it in a comment.


Amazing forms, maybe something much more deep behind this kind of common geometry in NATURE. This kind of pattern visible at the surface of the solution are geometric pattern used by nature in many of his structure, biologiue or not. For example Finger print, corral; I don’t realy if it mathematicaly connected but this experiment show something that have a fractal dimension. It also can be connecter with the space filling curve, “recreacional” domain of math. It seem that nature love math…

Remplissage periodique du plan / Space-filling_curve > Hilbert curve at various iterations states