Los Elefantes Blancos

I begun a new piece > Trois éléphants blanc ça trompent énormément > Three white elephants dupe a lot. Ok mean nothing in english… Anyway, it’s French popular humoristic slang expression. But for me the thing is realy interresting is the point that in Colombia a “White elephant” is a verbal expresion to designate an unfinished Building ( sometime huge one ). I found it was a sort of allegory a great image. So i plan to make three sculpture and show them as an installation : a very small one, a medium one, and a human size one (making one at real size will be a goal, actually it’s impossible, or maybe the ideal will be to paint real elephants in white an making a huge picture of it…)

see above the structure > iron wire, clay, shellac, cotton rope.




  1. When they first opened the shopping center called Hollywood & Highland in LA I thought they might regret decorating it with white elephants.


    Business seems good there, now, so I guess they knew what they were doing. The white elephants at Hollywood and Highland are an homage to the sets from the DW Griffith film, ‘Intolerance,’ by the way.

    Thank you for the nice comment and blog posting. I am enjoying your site, too.

    1. Thanks to you, you provide much more than i do.
      Well i just a beginner in Blog.
      I try to go this kind of way, sharing and studing.

      Best regards

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