Black cloud en Payande


as we were in Payandé for this camping trip; I took time to make some test of a composit shoot.

As i can’t use my Rolleiflex here, i decided to change my nalog technic for a digital process. And i am not sufficiently rich in this moment to buy a high resolution camera , as digital back for hasselblad, or stuff like this… I am tryng to compense the loose of  resolution that provide my new canon G10 (14 megapixel but with a small sensor). By using possibilities of  recompose a merged image  by using various shoot of a scene;

Stiching technic using photoshop (Photmerge), very simple just have to shoot with a tripode, and not as i did for this image !!!!  The missingpart of the image in the corners are not a voluntee, but an error.

The original image after the stiching (photmerge) method is about 5400 pix with 4 shoots, 90×90 cm at 150 dpi. Not so bad. and We must keep in mind that image lose a lot of pixel resolution. Because I did not use a tripod.

Tomorrow i will make a test with 9 shoot with a tripod….


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