BLACK CLOUD . step 1 > step 2

Bonjour, Hola, Hi

Actualy working on this new piece BLACK CLOUD ( Black Chinesse lack finish)

It’s long time  i didn’t post new stuff.
I was a bit busy with a lot of boring stuffs.

Finaly, i received my new digital camera, a canon G10.
I was looking for a Nikon D90, but unfortunaly, too broke.

But looking at the  adavanges of the canon G10, first  it is a lot more easy to carry.Because it’s smaller and not  heavy.It’s ok  for resolution, good ergonmy for a compact camera.  I love the direct button for iso and for set speed and shutter is fast and reliable menu acces. The only “black point” is for focus manualy, cause the screen display is not as good as liked to be for this task.  Also it’s not ans articulated screen, i think it’s a great feture for a compact camera, it permit to flip the screenn! This allow to shoot in various position that is difficult to make with a reflex or fixed screen. Other great stuff is the possibilities to add a pro flash.

Anyway i am realy satisfied, And was good bargain, a friend of friend bring to us from Miami, the change from euro to us was not as good as it was in 2008, but i saved money this way.

I  beging to test with raw mode and shot sequence for sitch it.

I also begining a new piece a Black Cloud.
This is the first step the wood core sculpted with axe and machete.
Right above second step, with a layer of gesso for smoothing the roughness of sculpted wood.

more steps soon

Untitled-1Black Cloud second step / 2009 / Ibague


Black Cloud first step / 2009 / Ibague


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