Purple Cloud InSitu

2008_12_09_purple-cloud_in-ibague_colombia2008_12_09_Purple cloud_in Ibague_Colombia

Hi, Last wensday we were for a small trek in the mountain chain surrounding Ibague ( Colombia). I found this walk realy realy amazing. Incredible rain forest place, with palm, bambu and tons of awsome vegetations, orchidea’s, etc.. So i took with the cloud with me for test a stich multiples digital picture. Using photshop > photomerge automation tools. It work pretty well and give a good resolution, sufficien to print a 60×60 cm with 300dpi output res. So it’s concluant, i think i will invest in a D90 Nikon; And definitivly working in all digital. The problem actualy in Colombia is i can’t devellop the Velvia 120 i usualy used at this time!!! So it’s time to get trough.

quote: I using a canon powershot A 610 and making a 9 pictures sequence, result is a image res of 5258×5258 px well, ithink with the 12mpix cmos sensor of the nikon, i can reach a very very interresting res.



  1. The idea of this cloud sprouting mysteriously out of the landscape is remarkable. You wonder how this can be possible. Keep on the good work.

    1. Thank for comment.
      This work is relatvly recent and need to be developded.
      unfortunatly i am realy busy to many thing, by this time.
      And didn’t get enough to actualize my blog.

      I will send new pictures in few time.

      keep in touch best regards.

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