Shellac / Gomme laque / Goma laca

Shellac A very popular and usefull material, that can be used in artwork.

I plan to use it instead of : synthetic polymer (Polyester+fiberglass). I am searching for a supply that allow me to armoring my pieces, without using synthetic supply. Synthetic supply are easy to use and realy resistant. But they are realy toxic and it stink too much, because of strong synthetic solvant inside the product.

I had used polyester a lot before, because i was short in time, but now and whant to use it enough.So if you have already experiment a supply that is less agressiv and have good resistant property, tell me please. Thank’s.


One comment

  1. la colle de peau ça doit le faire comme vernis, ou alors la gomme arabique je sais pas si tu connais. ou un vernis cellulosique, a mon avis tu dois pouvoir trouver une resine d’origine organique sans trop te casser la tete non plus.
    a plus mec. R

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